My story

Garrano Victoria Festiva


Everyone calls me Jackie, but my real name is Garrano, and I come from the Victoria Festiva breeding station. I was born on July 13th, 2017 with a beautiful dark brown- uniform color and I come from a litter of 3 puppies. I'm 32 cm tall and I'm full dentition.

My health tests

Patela 0/0, prcd-PRA: A

My parents:

Dam: Baskhir Curly Victoria Festiva (Giulfo Dirtelo Non Dirtelo x Jasenak Miss Marina

Sire: Timari Romy's Choco Davidoff ( Fidel Poker Face x Timari Wind Song)

My personality:

I am lively, playful, friendly, very intelligent and obedient. If you want to make me happy, I just need a walk, a treat, or a game with any ball or a fetch toy. I love the fetching and the hide-and-seek games. My greatest joy is to chase a stream of water from a garden hose, since water is my friend.

I like playing with other dogs, I'm not afraid of most big breeds, I grew up playing with a Ridgeback who is the same age named Ruby, who I always have great fun with.

My two young owners Kaylee, 10, and Adam, 12, often take me out , where I enjoy the company of the children to play with. Sometimes my owner who works as a teacher at primary school, takes me for a school walk to the forest, where I fetch cones and sticks. I really like the company of children.

I live in a house with a garden and I carefully guard my property and family.